Pastor Bob Willis

This past June marked Pastor Bob’s 25th anniversary at Northpark Community Church!

On behalf of the church, in appreciation for 25 years of faithful service as our senior pastor, the Northpark Board has given Pastor Bob a 3 month sabbatical, which he will take from January – March.

This sabbatical offers an opportunity for physical rest, emotional and spiritual refreshing, and a time to receive God’s direction. After the pressure of an especially difficult season of ministry leadership through the pandemic, this is a much needed time for our pastor.

Pastor Bob has scheduled a variety of staff and other speakers in his place Sunday mornings, and Pastor Dave Raufman will be our ‘go-to’ person in Bob’s absence.

Our pastors and staff will continue on as usual – we have planned for some great things during the next few months, and look forward to many opportunities to grow spiritually and in relationship with one another.

We appreciate your prayers!

Pray for Pastor Bob: that he will be rested, rejuvenated, recharged, and given “new ideas from God.”

Pray for Northpark Community Church: that we would be faithful, disciple new people, and grow in relationship with one another.

Cards of Appreciation for Pastor Bob

We will present cards of appreciation to Pastor Bob before he leaves on sabbatical.

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