Courtyard Project

The Courtyard Construction Project has Begun!

New Courtyard Renderings

Courtyard Front View

Courtyard Front View

Courtyard Inside View

Courtyard Inside View

Courtyard Side View

Courtyard Side View

Courtyard Update

Current Funding Status as of 7/10/24

Pledged: $309,885
Received: $229,348
Goal: $320,000 over three years


If you have pledged and are giving, thank you! With your pledges we will meet our fundraising goal!


Building Status Update


Demolition is complete and work on the footings is underway.


The Need

The concrete area just outside of our worship center, ‘the courtyard’, is the hub of Northpark fellowship and friendship. It is probably the most important part of our facility. People gather there after every Sunday service, we have special services, and many events utilize our courtyard as well.

Unfortunately, after 25 years we’ve had to tear down much of the roof structure due to deterioration and safety issues.

The Plan

After considering several options, the Northpark Board has authorized moving forward with replacement of the courtyard covering, signing a contract with Andrew Young Construction.

The new design is a fully covered, 5,000 sq. ft. open wall steel structure that covers virtually the entire concrete patio area and includes:

  • No interior pillars (posts along the edges of the structure only)
  • Metal roof that matches the rest of our buildings
  • Ceiling fans
  • Insulation panels on the underside of the ceiling
  • Electrical outlets

Our purpose statement is, ‘Building Lives Through Relationships… with God, with each other, and with those who do not yet know Christ’. This new courtyard structure will help us fulfill that purpose. We hope YOU will be part of making it happen!

How YOU Can Help

A project like this costs money, and we will need your financial support to make this happen.

We will need to take out a short term loan, but we have no desire to be in debt. In fact, in 2020 we were able to pay off our building and solar loan and currently have no debt. We are confident that through your generosity we will be able to pay off this loan very quickly.

You can donate online or in person, we would like to raise the needed funds within three years.

Please make a notation on all donations that it is for the COURTYARD.


Financial Details

Project Cost: $450,000

Payment Strategy:

  • $91,000 from current building funds
  • $80,000 from general reserve funds (leaving 3 months of operating expenses in reserve)
  • $279,000 of new contributions (including payoff of a loan of $220,000)

Fundraising Goal: $320,000
$59,000 of this is needed by February, the remainder can be paid off over the next three years.
This total includes replenishing some of the reserves.

More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Administrative Pastor Bob Fuller – or 559-322-7200

Online Giving Click Here