Annual Business Meeting


Congratulations to Bob Cherry and Steve Conner on being elected to the Northpark Board of Trustees.

They join continuing board members Chris Doda, Jerry Howell, Dean Menard, Lindsey Murakoshi and Jan Weldon.

Annual Business Meeting & Election Video

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Annual Business Meeting & Board Election

Sunday, February 25, 2024
6:00 p.m. at Northpark

Childcare will be available.

All are encouraged to attend to come hear ministry and financial updates. Members will be voting in new board members.

Dessert & Meeting – Bring a cookies or other dessert to share!

  • Election of TWO board members
  • Interviews with board member candidates
  • Financial updates
  • Ministry highlights

REMINDER TO MEMBERS: we must have a quorum in order to vote.

If it’s absolutely necessary for you to miss the meeting, proxy forms are available in the church office. You need to complete a proxy form stating the reason for your absence and turn it in the Sunday prior to the meeting, or deliver it to a Board Member at least two hours prior to the scheduled meeting start time.

Information including board candidate bios has been sent to all members by email and postal mail.

Even though only members will be able to vote for board members, all Northpark attendees are encouraged to attend and come hear about what is happening and coming up at Northpark.


At this meeting, the membership will elect TWO new members of the church’s Board of Trustees. The regular term for a Board Member is three years. A Board Member may be elected to serve two (2) consecutive three year terms.


For more information about each candidate, click the link below or pick up a printed copy on Sunday in the lobby.

Board Candidate Profiles and Election Information

  • Bob Cherry
  • Steve Conner
  • Matthew Dill
  • Charlie Spencer


  • Melanie Hathaway 2/2024
  • [vacant] 2/2024
  • Chris Doda 2/2025
  • Jerry Howell 2/2025
  • Dean Menard 2/2026
  • Lindsay Murakoshi 2/2026
  • Jan Weldon 2/2026


If you are unable to attend the meeting you may designate another member to hold your proxy for the board election, casting your vote on your behalf. Print the proxy form below, fill it out and bring it to the church or send by email to

  • Proxies must be submitted at least 2 hours before the business meeting.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the proxyholder and inform them how you’d like to vote.
  • Proxyholders must be official members of Northpark

Proxy Form

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