Board Election

Northpark Community Church Board Candidates 2024

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These candidate profiles are intended to give you a brief introduction to each candidate.

Be sure to join us at the Annual Business Meeting as we have a live interview with the board candidates prior to the election.


Spouse: Cindy Jo
Children: Clayton (spouse MaryAnn, 3 children)
Cory (spouse Cassie, 2 children)

Occupation: UPS 13 yrs., Pastor 15 yrs., Medical10 yrs., Post retirement – Cal Custom Tile

Accepted Christ: 1978

Joined Northpark: 2005

Current Ministries:
Greeter, Usher

Spiritual Journey: In a nutshell: as a young boy, we lived in the projects on the westside. I started school in Catholic school. We moved around a lot so I attended different elementary schools and Jr. High schools. I started High school at McLane High and graduated in 1970.

Throughout this journey, my oldest sister and I attended different churches as we had some spiritual background. “The Lord was in the shadows.”

Cindy and I met in 1975 at a roping arena and we were married 3 months later. We are in our 49th year! Praise God! For Cindy, it was no Easter Egg Hunt! But with the help of friends, we accepted the Lord in 1978 and boy did we need him! From there you have to read between the lines. God is Faithful! “It is a journey.”


Spouse:  Crystal

Children: Alec (spouse Varaya and two children),
Nathan (spouse Brenna)

Occupation:  Hospice Chaplain
Accepted Christ:  Age 5

Joined Northpark:  2017

Current Ministries: Meal Ministry, Tuesday Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study attendee and rotational leader

Past Ministries: Empty Nesters Bible Study Leader, Wednesday Night Table Leader, Guest Speaker at Northpark during Pastor Bob’s sabbatical

Spiritual Journey: I was raised in a Christian home and being involved in church has always been a part of my life. As a young boy, I would help my children’s church director with lessons and puppet shows, and I was a leader in my youth groups. As a young man, I felt called to ministry and was fortunate to have youth leaders that allowed me the opportunity to preach and be active in leadership roles.

Crystal and I met in church. We led a youth group together and we have worked in ministry together ever since. This August, we will be married thirty-five years. In 2001, we answered a call to pastor a church in Coarsegold and we were there for fifteen years. Those years at the church were a challenge and a blessing as we established relationships with the local schools and developed many community ministries.

When we felt the Lord bringing our time at the church to a close, I was led to my current ministry/job as a hospice chaplain. It was during that season of transition and change that we found Northpark and have called it our home church ever since.


Spouse:  Lindsay
Children: Brylee (13) Brielle (11) Brooklyn (5)

Occupation:  Senior Director, Forsta
Accepted Christ:  1989

Joined Northpark:  2021

Current Ministries: Board Mentee, Childrens Ministry, Wednesday night ministry, Men’s Ministry volunteer,
Mid-week group host

Past Ministries: CIA (compassion in action,) Truth Project host, BSF participant

Spiritual Journey: I was born in Citrus Heights, CA and was blessed to have been raised by parents who are believers.  I gave my life to Christ at age 6.  I distinctly remember it to this day – sitting in my room trying to imagine what ‘infinity’ looks like (you know, as kids do).  My dad comes in, sits on my bed and starts talking with me about infinity, and what that could mean to me personally.  I already knew about Jesus, and about Heaven and Hell, but had never thought about eternal separation from God in that way before. A separation that wouldn’t end if I didn’t accept Him and follow Him as my own personal decision.  All I knew was… I didn’t want to be on the wrong side of THAT fence!  My dad led me to accepting Christ into my heart that evening.  I was baptized in 7th grade, on New Year’s Eve. Lindsay and I met in 2007 and married in 2008.  We have three children, all girls, and all goofballs. We attended NewCov for several years, volunteering in various ministries before coming to our home at Northpark in 2021 (we saw Pastor Candi on YouTube, and that was it!!)

I’ve never in my personal walk landed on that one ‘thing’ that I feel called or designed to do. I feel God likes to have fun and change that up.  Which, you know what, works for me.  I’m appreciative and glad to help wherever I can and wherever is needed. Lindsay and I (along with an amazing team) currently lead the Studio 56 group.  We are having a great time and appreciate Northpark’s true family atmosphere.


Spouse:  Kathy

Children: Leigh (43) Daughter-in-law Alexadra, Granddaughter Gwendolyn (16 mos)

Occupation: Retired Executive Director
Accepted Christ:  1968

Joined Northpark:  2001

Current Ministries: Worship Team (drums) and Choir

Past Ministries: (Boise church) Worship Team (Drums), Choir, Men’s Singing Group that toured the Northwest, Technical Advisor for the church’s building project

Spiritual Journey: I accepted Christ when I was 13 years old. I was raised in a Christian family. I attended Whitworth College (University), a Christian College, and worked in the performing arts theater as a sound engineer to help fund my education. I completed my major in Radio/TV Communication at Eastern Washington University. I returned to Whitworth to manage the Theater I worked in (as a student) for the next 4 years.

I was offered a position at Boise State University to help manage the new sports arena. We left Boise in 1998 to work for a Christian Travel Management company in Fresno (Inspiration Travel). I was their Director of Marketing and Event Planning. Inspiration provides unique travel experiences for some the top Christian Ministries in the country (Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah, Max Lucado, Tony Evans, Greg Laurie, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant. Bill & Gloria Gaither, etc.)

In searching for our new church home, we found Northpark (while they held services in Fort Washington Elementary School). We knew we had found our home. We have been here ever since. I got involved in the choir first then discovered they needed a drummer. Having played percussion instruments for over 50 years I volunteered my assistance and have been playing now for over a decade at Northpark.

God brought Kathy and I together in high school and this year we celebrate our 50th anniversary.



At this meeting, the membership will elect TWO new members of the church’s Board of Trustees. The regular term for a Board Member is three years. A Board Member may be elected to serve two (2) consecutive three year terms.


  • Jan Weldon, Chairman, Board Member
  • Chris Doda, Board Member
  • Lindsey Murakoshi, Board Member
  • Trevor Barbeau
  • Kris Campbell
  • Matthew Dill
  • Tom Moshier


Being a Board Member means service. In addition to monthly meetings, Board Members take turns as “Board Member on Duty” overseeing Sunday morning activities and volunteers. They may serve as Church/Board officers (Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer) and hold one or more portfolios in which they serve as liaisons with Northpark ministries (including Children’s Ministries, Youth, Young Adults & College, Worship & Arts, Spiritual Growth, Women’s Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Missions, and Facilities)

Each year the Board selects the Church/Board Officers and determines what portfolio(s) each member will be assigned for the year.


Electing Board Members is a very important decision in which Northpark Church’s membership seeks God’s guidance to select individuals for leadership positions. The Committee’s first step is to review the qualifications necessary for the position as listed in Scripture and in the Northpark Church Bylaws. The next step in the process is to try to select a group of individuals with a healthy mix of personalities, backgrounds, and talents to cover the Board’s responsibilities (Church/Board Offices & Portfolios). The committee also looks at current and past ministry involvement at Northpark, as well as their support of the church and its mission. Because the Board of Trustees and pastoral staff is very much a team effort, we seek good team players; Board Members must be willing and effective at expressing their views, and equally as important, good listeners who encourage others to express their views, all in a spirit of unity.

The Nominating Committee believes the Lord has led and directed us in the selection of a slate of candidates that have the qualifications and the desire to serve as Board Members of Northpark Community Church. We ask that you review the slate of candidates, their biographies, and then spend time in prayer before making your selections for TWO Board Members.

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