Sunday Mornings | 8:30 a.m. | Northpark Room 203

For kids in grades 1-6, Junior Bible Quiz makes learning the Bible fun!

Get an in depth understanding of God’s Word and even have the opportunity to do team competitions.

What is Junior Bible Quiz?

We are so excited to introduce you and your children to the world of Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ). JBQ is a great opportunity for your young person to get into God’s Word. Simply, put – JBQ is a discipleship program whereby children learn 576 various facts about the bible, doctrinal truths, and memorize specific verses from the Bible.

This discipleship program is complementary to the 10 am Kids programs that you may already participate in at the church. Additionally, there is opportunity for the children at our church to participate in a structured team competition format with other churches in our District (even participating in events such as Regional and National Tournaments).

The purpose of the JBQ program is to:

  1. Encourage, by systematic study, an in-depth understanding of God’s Word among young people
  2. Motivate youth to memorize and make daily application of the Word
  3. Cultivate, through competition, a proper attitude toward winning and losing
  4. Provide opportunity for discipleship to take place among youth so that they will reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude and action; and
  5. Provide, through travel and competition, opportunities to expand Christian fellowship.

Teams across the nation can compete on a regular basis in local, regional, and national tournaments. Your leaders for JBQ are Tara and Jasmine Sirvent. We are a mother-daughter team that are passionate about Bible Quiz and have been involved in Quiz in one form or another for the last 32 years. Tara has served previously both at the National Level and for the Southern California Network for JBQ. Jasmine even competed at JBQ Nationals in 2013!

JBQ is scheduled during Sunday first service in room 203 for 1st – 6th grade. The format for the morning will consist of a Bible Story over the material for that week. Then the group will be divided to facilitate participation in various centers that include: crafts, quizzing, and
games all centered on the bible material for that week. As an incentive, we will be using a reward system called Bible Bucks, which is a currency that your children will earn on Sunday mornings. They will earn Bible Bucks by attending church, bringing their notebook and study guide, being attentive, and having a good attitude. Periodically, there will be a store where your student can use their Bible Bucks to purchase great prizes!

Although participation in JBQ on Sunday Mornings will help your child learn God’s Word, do not miss out on the family discipleship opportunity that JBQ provides. Families can facilitate learning by studying the assigned questions for that week. Every week there will be new questions. If you get behind, do not worry just start fresh that week with the current questions (there is a check-off list to help facilitate your learning). Usually studying just 10 minutes a day (M-F) is sufficient for your child to learn their facts for the week.

The church will provide one Bible fact-pack question book and Notebook for each family participating. Additional Fact-Pak Question Books can be ordered from My Healthy Church online.

Junior Bible Quiz can be a fun and exciting experience filled with challenges, rewards, and spiritual growth. I have undertaken the responsibility of being a coach in this ministry after spending many hours in prayer. I know that this opportunity will be an awesome experience for us and for those who are committed to be involved!

In Christ,

Tara & Jasmine Sirvent, JBQ Leaders

and Pastor Candi Maur

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