Fasting Introduction

The Kind of Fasting that Pleases The Lord

Pastor Bob Willis

Carefully read and reread Isaiah 58.

The fast that pleases the Lord includes intentional life-style changes and choices.

What changes do you need to make…

  • What spiritual and attitude issues do I need to change?
  • How can I better (or even begin to) serve others?
  • How do I honor the Sabbath?
    • Daily?
    • Weekly?
    • Regularly?
  • What can I expect, if I am obedient to God’s instructions?

Fasting Tip: Start keeping a journal, either in a notebook or stored in your computer or phone of your journey as you prepare for and participate in this fast.

Why Prayer and Fasting?

What Should I Fast?

How Should I Plan My Days?

Prayer and Fasting Resources

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