Fasting Introduction

How Should I Plan My Days?

Pastor Bob Willis

First, let me say this: “A fast without prayer is simply a diet!”

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but the time spent fasting from food and/or activity is time that should be spent in prayer, worship, Bible study, or sitting quietly in God’s presence allowing Him to speak to you.

I have learned from my own experiences and from others that there are several practices that can/will enhance your 21 days of fasting accompanied with prayer.

1. When you fast a meal, the time spent normally preparing, consuming and cleaning up for that meal should instead be spent in prayer.

2. When you fast an activity, the time spent normally doing that activity should be replaced with prayer, worship, thanksgiving, Bible study and listening to God.

3. Begin every day spending time in prayer, worship, thanksgiving, listening and Bible study. Start your day this way!!!

4. End every day with prayer and reflection. Consider keeping a journal, writing down your prayers, praise, thanksgiving and thoughts.

5. Meet with and pray with other Christians as often as possible. Although prayer and fasting is an extremely personal discipline, in a situation like ours is very much corporate as well. We can help each other, grow together, pray with each other, and experience God together. During our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, consider attending as many of the nightly gatherings as possible.

NOW, decide what you are going to fast and rework your schedule!

  • Make that commitment to God.
  • Let your family know (you don’t want to catch them off guard and you need your support).
  • Let a few others know – they can help keep you accountable.

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