CAMP-aign UPDATE! 4/29/21

THANK YOU Northpark, as usual you came through in amazing ways!  After our first week, we are already at 75% of our goal!!

We only need 63 more people to donate $40 in order to make up for our missed camp fundraiser.

Help us get kids to camp this summer!

Make a $40 donation to help send kids to camp

We are so excited that 100 Northpark kids and youth are headed to summer camp at Hume Lake this June, at a time when it has never been more important.

Students are usually able to offset their camp costs with our Tri Tip Fundraiser, but we were unable to do that this year.

Our goal is to have 250 people make a $40 donation in order to fill the gap of our fundraiser.

Would you be willing to help our kids go to camp with a $40 donation towards a scholarship?

In return, we have a small memento – a token of gratitude, as a thanks and a reminder to pray for our kids and counselors going to camp.

Make your donation TODAY and make a difference in the lives of our kids and youth!

YES, I Want to Help Send Kids to Camp!

$40 Donation

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Stay Informed about Northpark Summer CAMPaign!

If you have made a donation – THANK YOU!

We’d like to keep you informed about the progress of our Summer CAMPaign, and want to mail you a small token of gratitude and a reminder to pray for the kids and counselors going to camp.

  • Share your email address with us if you'd like to get updates on our progress for the Summer CAMPaign!
  • If you have donated toward the Summer CAMPaign, we'd love to send you a small memento as a thanks and a reminder to pray for our kids and counselors going to camp.