We know there has been a lot of new information the past few days about places opening up again. And some of you are asking when we will resume in person services at Northpark.

We are working on a plan to safely and reasonably open up the church building, but we have determined that it is NOT YET TIME to resume in person Sunday services. Unfortunately it is not as simple as just opening the doors… there is much to consider, and information continues to change. Hopefully it will be soon because we sure miss you, but our priority is the safety and health of all of YOU! Please be patient with us as we all navigate something we’ve never had to do before… and pray for us too.

The great news is that even though the building is closed, ‘The Church’ is still open… we are still here for you, we are still able to worship together from home, and you can still make an impact for God in your family, neighborhood and community. We know it’s not the same, but let’s try to embrace the opportunity to worship God in new ways!

See you Sunday at 10am!!