Our state is basically on fire. Wildfires and forest fires are burning the entire length of California, with The Creek fire being in our backyard.

Many, even some Northparkers, have been displaced by this fast moving fire, with some having no idea if their homes are still intact or not.

If you need our assistance in any way, or you have any family members that need assistance please don’t hesitate to let us know (email info@northparkcc.org or call 559-322-7200 9am-3pm).

We are here for you and you are in our prayers.

For ways that you can help and stay informed about what’s going on, see the information below!

Pastor Bob

Here’s How You Can Help

This page will be updated as we get new information.


As we prepare for our upcoming 3 day fast, let’s add all the fires to our prayer list.

Let’s pray for:

  • The safety of all firefighters and first responders.
  • The safety of all who live in the path of fire.
  • Control over The Creek Fire, and all others fires in the western United States.
  • The weather to defy the forecast and cooperate with a quick extinguishing of all the fires.


A Northpark ‘Valley Fire Aid’ fund has been set up.

These donations will help any Northpark families who need immediate assistance. Any additional funds would be passed on to front-line assistance agencies directly helping with relief for The Creek Fire.

Northpark Valley Fire Aid

You may also donate to the Red Cross – they are here locally helping.

Red Cross Relief Fund



Multi-agency Local Assistance Center (LAC)
Clovis Veterans Memorial District
808 4th Street, Clovis, CA 93612

8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. / 7 days a week

The LAC will support residents impacted by the Creek Fire as part of the ongoing recovery process.

This center will serve as a one-stop shop to help connect residents and property owners with assistance and resources available through a variety of state and local agencies.

Grief & Loss Resources: https://www.hindshospice.org/creek-fire-support.html

See below for additional resources that are updated regularly.

Get Fire Updates & Information

Get the latest updates on evacuation orders, available shelters, and fire information:

Fresno County Sheriff website.

Fresno County Public Health Department Website (includes printable resource list for evacuees)