Have I told you lately that I love you and miss you? I really do.

I want to thank you for your patience and continued involvement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our desire to keep you safe and healthy has been our number one priority.

We have firm plans on how and when we will start gathering together again. Face to face; well, sort of… mask to mask.

[See the updated plan here]

In order for us to properly prepare our facility and our team, we will use the next few weeks to train and practice our new procedures.

Since we will have limited seating, we will have several classrooms available with a live feed for overflow crowds. Please also note that we will NOT have children’s classes at this time, and children must remain with their parents at all times.

I’ll be honest, with the protocol that the state and county have asked us to follow, it will feel different, but we will be together again.

I know that some of you have visited other churches who may not have been taking these protocols very seriously. But as I have told the staff; as for me and Northpark, we will do it right or not at all. After all, compliance to the government is a mandate to followers of Jesus Christ.

I know some of you still may not feel safe. Others have preexisting ailments that should limit your attendance. And some of you are still concerned about being around large crowds. Please stay at home and watch live online, or any time Sunday or throughout the week.

Others have stated that you don’t desire to come back until you don’t have to wear a mask, can shake hands, hug and kiss one another. That’s kind of how I feel as well, but I’m not willing to wait that long. You also may want to consider staying home or watching with other like-minded folks on Sunday mornings until this all comes to an end.

Whatever you choose to do, I support you… this is a no judgement place!

I’m excited to see you in a few weeks!

Pastor Bob

Get more details about our plan to reopen the building here